Does Online Gaming Require Bigger Internet Bandwidth?

It has been known to everyone that online games require bigger bandwidth that is why gamers are discouraged to play longer periods. Would you believe that other online services required bandwidth bigger than what online gaming does?

To clear our minds from doubt, let us know how much data does an online game use. You might be surprised if you are not yet aware because popular online games like Fortnite and Minecraft uses around 100MB of data per hour per user according to what its players have experienced. Although some games may require higher bandwidth they can be just around 40MB to 150MB per hour which is pretty low.

On the other hand, other online services that we thought use lower bandwidth than games but does not include Netflix, which requires 3000MB or 3GB of data per hour to stream in HD, which is 30 times higher than online games. Another great example and is popular now that we are facing the COVID 19 pandemic is the use of ZOOM, a virtual meeting software that allows people to continue their business discussion even when in quarantine at their own homes. The virtual meeting software requires 1.8Mbps or 810MB of data per hour of 1080p HD video meeting quality. Of course, if you upload videos, this will be another usage of your internet bandwidth.

With the examples mentioned, it is clear that online games take only a small portion of your internet bandwidth as compared to other online services like Netflix.

Games to Play Online

We have lots of online games to play online. One must note that online games are huge in sizes when talking about file sizes to download. Few examples include Quantum Break that will eat up 178GB of your available storage, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a file size of 175GB, and Destiny 2: Shadow keep with 165GB of file size to name a few. You might be asking why these games have filed so hugely. You will surely notice that the audio and video of these games are exceptional.

If you want to play but have limited storage, there are also online games you can play as they are notably smaller in size than those mentioned above. These games include Fortnite with only 35GB in file size. If kept yourself updated with game news, you surely are aware now that Fortnite just released a patch that reduces the size of the game by more than 60GB of storage of your personal computer, NME reported. Other games worth playing without the worries of your computer storage being eaten up are Dota2 with only 15GB of file size, and Overwatch with only 30GB of file size.

Let’s say you are a lover of online games but hates downloading games because you are saving your storage space for other purposes like your important files, then you should be a gamer of the popular no download or the so-called browser games online. Few of the popular browser games include:

  • Game of Thrones Winter is Coming that is inspired by the TV Series Game of Thrones.
  • Stronghold of Kingdoms is a browser game in the MMORTS genre. The game genre may not be as popular as others like the MMOs and MMORPGs but it is already on its way.
  • Have you played this is a fun browser game. You just have to visit the site and as a worm, you can immediately start eating those dots and other smaller worms as you grew bigger and longer. Your aim would be the longest worm among other players worldwide.
  • Another browser game you would try and is following our situation these days is Pandemic2. The game is pretty much similar to Plague Inc. In this strategy game, you are a virus or a parasite or bacteria and you aim to infect everybody.
  • Bingo, which is widely available in online casino sites like TheBingoOnline.coma browser game you can play with your free time. This along with many arcade and online games are widely available online to entertain you without the need to download large files that will occupy the majority of your storage space.